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Focus on Vadlo

Tuesday, August 19, 2008
posted by Geetesh at 7:46 PM IST

Vadlo is a new search engine that's different in two ways:

  • Vadlo is geared towards the vertical market -- and it only searches content related to biology research related information.
  • Vadlo doesn't really look at just pages -- it indexes five categories of documentation -- these are Protocols, Online Tools, PowerPoints, Databases, and Software

I found their PowerPoint search quite amazing -- and asked the folks at Vadlo about their new search engine. While the Vadlo user-base is growing rapidly, the team at Vadlo is focused on developing the content. Here's a statement that the Vadlo Scientists sent to me to put up on the MedicinePPT site:

"We believe PowerPoint presentations are very useful tools -- more than they are recognized as such. A teacher preparing a lecture, an executive preparing for a business meeting, a clinician reporting a case study, or a scientist preparing for the departmental seminar can get a lot of angles on the subject matter by quickly looking at similar presentations and refine her/his own accordingly.

"The Vadlo index is built on the PowerPoints which have relevance to the following, everything else is filtered out.
  1. Biology Research - Organisms, Genes, Pathways, Mechanisms etc.
  2. Academia - Grants & Funding, Publication, Interviewing etc.
  3. Bioinformatics - Statistics, Software, Methods etc.
  4. Biology Education - College level Biology lectures, Biodiversity, Environment etc.
  5. Medical/Clinical - Diseases, Conditions, Case Studies, Intervention, Drugs etc.
  6. Library - Journals, Open-access, Peer-review, Literature databases etc.
  7. Biotech/Pharma Business - Technology transfer, Patents, Products, Clusters etc.
"We do hope search-users realize that PowerPoints are not peer-reviewed material, nor supposed to be authentic reference. The use of these PowerPoints should be limited to quick approximate subject reference while getting presentation ideas. It would be quite important to find out the time-frame, focus, and source of the presentation before using it as a substantive source of information, if you must".

The Vadlo site also has a cool collection of medical cartoons that you can use in your PowerPoints freely.

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